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What a year that was! 2021 was indeed a tough year as we witnessed not only the rampage caused by Covid 19 on the health system of our country, but importantly the impact it had on the economy, laced with the unusual, fragile political landscape where we saw the appointment of three Prime Ministers in a short span of two years.

As the year 2022 unfurls, do we dare to hope for a normal, business as usual lifestyle? Depending on the emergence of new Covid variants, we would probably be still living with some restrictions, against the backdrop of an upcoming general election in our country.

And we, at MGC/TKC OGA too had our elections in 2021! The 2021/2023 Committee is very excited to implement the projects that have been planned as together in 2022 we celebrate the 60th anniversary of MGC/TKC OGA and the 75th Anniversary of our school, Tunku Kurshiah College.

On that note, I wish to take this opportunity to wish all sisters great blessings in the upcoming year, where hopes and dreams bring prospects for growth and expansion. May Allah swt grant each and every one of you the strength to conquer all the challenges in life. May all of you be showered with the choicest blessings of the Almighty to have a fantastic year ahead.

Happy New Year everyone, take care & stay safe!

President & Committee Members
MGC/TKC OGA 2021/2023

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