MGC/TKC History mgcDamansaraB

MGC Damansara
1947 – 1962

The Malay Girls College was situated in amongst the rubber trees of the Socfin Plantation at milestone two-and-a-half at Jalan Damansara, Kuala Lumpur. It was a double storey bungalow which could house 40 eager students hand-picked from every state with the intention of turning out well groomed, well educated young Malay ladies, well equipped to contribute to the growth of the country as well as to bring up the future leaders of Malaysia.Throughout the years the enrolment numbers kept increasing, new wings were added on until such time when the students outgrew the premises! This lead to the relocation of the school to its second home in Seremban.

The original school changed hands with several different schools until 1989 when it was demolished to make way for The Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilisation.

TKC Seremban
1962 – 2012

In April 1962 the whole school was relocated to the new premises in Seremban and was renamed Tunku Kurshiah College, after the first Permaisuri Agung. Tunku Kurshiah College or TKC became the name that was synonymous with producing high achievers, making TKC one of the premier schools in the country today.

With the passage of time and the ever increasing needs of an educational institution, expansion was inevitable and TKC was chosen to be one of the Schools located in the Educational Hub, Bandar Enstek, Nilai. The move had mixed reviews amongst the alumni, many felt and still feel that the loss of the hallowed halls on Bukit Merbah was unnecessary and somewhat difficult to bear…. nevertheless progress and change took place, with a second relocation in the history of the school.

2013 – Current

TKC Enstek

In January 2013 the students of TKC moved into their new home in Bandar Enstek, Nilai. The students who had spent the most time in Seremban probably had the biggest adjustments to overcome but in true TKC spirit it wasn’t long before they settled in and embraced the new campus as their own whilst cherishing the memories of the old school in Seremban.

The 5th formers of 2017 are the first batch of “thoroughbreds” at Enstek and come 2018 none of the students at Enstek would have been a part of Bukit Merbah. Sadly, for the rest of us who always look forward to “going back to school” on OGA Day (1st of May), it has to some extent taken on a less meaningful experience… nevertheless the spirit of TKC lives on in each of us regardless of location!

After all “Once a TKCian, ALWAYS a TKCian!”